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Video. Checklist. Exercises. Bonuses.

Extracted from our foundational facilitation skills-building course, The Confident Facilitator. Acquire the Facilitation Diamond process to design and lead effective group work through the phases of divergent, lateral and convergent thinking. Gain 9 core facilitator practices to guide any group conversation, whether in-person or online. Be able to apply the 5 core facilitation techniques to gather participants input and information during any facilitation.


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    Welcome and Getting Started

    • Welcome! What Is Here for You

    • [Video] Introduction: Facilitation Process, Practices and Techniques

    • [Help] How to navigate around...

    • Tips: Video Speed / Web Browser / Revisit Completed Lessons / Video Link

    • [Video] Facilitation Diamond. Divergent, Lateral and Convergent Thinking

    • [Download PDF] Lesson 1 - Facilitation Diamond Process

    • [Download PDF] Lesson 2 - Core Facilitation Practices

    • [Checklist] Handy Summary of Essential Skills for Guiding Groups

    • [Download PDF] Lesson 3 - Core Facilitation Process Techniques

    • [Exercise #1: Group Discussion]

    • [Exercise #2] Practice Essential Facilitator Skills for Guiding Groups

    • [Handout] - Suggested Facilitator Conversations for Practices for Exercise #2

    • [Bonus] Address Dysfunction

    • [Download] Your Take-Aways

    • [Exercise #3] Learnings and Insights

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    Next steps

    • Video] Why Facilitation Competencies Matter

    • Next Up: How to Facilitate A Work Session, Step by Step