Mini-Course Description

Videos. PDF Downloads. Checklist. Bonuses, Resources and Links.

You're committed to keeping your virtual meetings tight, focused and productive. You're willing to invest time beforehand to plan your meeting agenda and process, and to create meaningful Pre-Work. You seek a proven framework of exactly how to Start well, and how to engage with good questions and interactive tools. You also want to ensure that everyone leaves the meeting with clarity and commitment on next steps. This mini-course empowers you with the practical steps to achieve all of this with confidence.

Course curriculum

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    • What's in store for you

    • How to use this course

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    • [Watch] Welcome to the Mini-Course

    • [Watch] How to Design and Run Interactive Meetings from Start to Finish

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    • [Download PDF] The Five Phase Framework for Interactive Meetings

    • [Download Checklist] Shareable with Your Team - Great Virtual Meetings Checklist

    • [Bonus] Staying Neutral: It's Tough and Essential!

    • [Bonus} Great Meetings Formula for Success

    • [Bonus] Different Strategies for Setting Group Norms & Roles

    • [Bonus] Prevent Conflict Before the Meeting

    • {Bonus} Staying on Topic: It's Easy to Stray!

    • [Bonus PDF] Leading Virtual Teams

    • [Links] Virtual Meeting Resources and Apps

    • [Links] Helpful Articles on Remote Work and Leadership

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    NEXT STEPS: Ready for More?

    • What's next for you?