Mini-Course Description

Videos. Handy Checklist. Bonuses.

Acquire strategies to manage the five dimensions of Attention, Interaction, Information, Organization and Energy. Your video calls and meetings will reach a new level of excellence.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • [Watch] Welcome and What's Here for You

    • How to navigate around...

  • 2


    • [Watch] How to Manage Group Attention During the Virtual Meeting

  • 3


    • [Watch] How to Manage Interactive Process

  • 4


    • [Watch] How to Manage Information in Your Virtual Meeting

  • 5


    • [Watch] How to Manage Organization in a Virtual Meeting

  • 6


    • [Watch] How to Manage Energy of Your Participants

  • 7

    HANDOUTS: Your Reference Downloads

    • [Download] Manage Your Virtual Meetings Like A Pro - Full Presentation PDF

    • [Checklist] Five Dimensions of Good Process in Virtual Meetings

    • [Handy Resource] Zoom Tips, Trick and User Guide

    • [Bonus] How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint (also provided in Trouble Shoot and Shine)

  • 8

    NEXT STEPS: Ready for More?

    • What's next for you?