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Complete 6-tab participant workbook. Case study and worksheets.

You'll have in your hands the full participant binder from our advanced course: The Strategic Facilitator: Aligning Around Vision and Plan.

"Great value! The course content was timely and relevant. We worked through practical applications and methods for how to facilitate an engaging strategic planning process. Everyone in our organization in a leadership role would benefit from this course.” – LL, In-House Course Participant

The Strategic Facilitator is a comprehensive course on how to facilitate a team, business unit, or organization through strategic planning. The process of strategic planning is one of clarifying why you exist as a group or organization, assessing your current situation, describing your desired future state, establishing the strategies that will propel you forward, and then determining how you’ll know if you’ve succeeded.

“Anyone involved in strategic planning should take this course, including CEOs and VPs! We gained insights into parts of the process that we may be missing in our organization. The theory and detailed materials were excellent, and the case study was engaging and fun! Full engagement and participation are needed to create the alignment of everyone in the room to new strategic directions.” --PM, In-House Course Participant

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this template

    • [Read] Tips: Web Browser / Revisit Completed Lessons

    • [Watch] How to navigate...

  • 2

    Welcome to Strategic Planning Course

    • What's Here for You In This Advanced Facilitation Course

  • 3

    OVERVIEW - Course Overview. Framework. Case Application

    • Overview-Strategic Planning Framework

    • Preparing-How to Plan for the Journey

  • 4

    FOUNDATIONS: Mission and Values

    • Hindsight & Foundations-Mission & Values

  • 5

    INSIGHT: Analysis of Strategic Environment

    • Insight-Analysis of External Context

    • Insight-Analysis of Current Situation

  • 6

    ASPIRATION: Envisioning Our Preferred Future

    • Aspiration-Generating A Preferred Future Vision

  • 7

    FORESIGHT: Turning Vision Into Reality

    • Foresight- Generating Strategy Roadmap

    • Foresight- Developing Action Plans

  • 8

    COMMITMENT: Ensuring Implementation Success

    • Commitment: Results-Focused Implementation

  • 9


    • Case Study and Worksheets