Mini-Course Description

Videos. Comprehensive Activity Resources. Strategies for Dynamics. Bonus.

Collaborative sessions such as Strategic Planning, Project, Product Development, or Problem-Solving involve multi-sessions over many days, weeks and sometimes months. In this mini-course, you will expand your facilitation toolbox to include many valuable models, activities and techniques to masterfully design and facilitate successful multi-session workshops. Through the videos and resources of this mini-course, you'll have the foundation to think through and custom-design almost any type of multi-session workshop.

Course curriculum

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    How to Facilitate Multi-Session Workshops

    • Welcome! What Is Here for You

    • [Watch] Overview

    • [Watch] Module 9.1 Five-Step Workshop

    • [Download] Module 9.1 - Five-Step Workshop - PDF

    • [Watch} Module 9.2.1 Activities

    • [Download PDF] Module 9.2.1 Activities - What to Consider When Choosing Your Activities

    • [Watch] Module 9.2.2 Participant Mindset

    • [Download PDF] Module 9.2.2 Mindset - Selecting Activities for Participant Mindset

    • [Watch] Module 9.3 Groan Zone

    • [Bonus] Standing in the Fire: The Main Thing Is Not To Panic!

    • [Download PDF] Module 9.3 Facilitating Through the Groan Zone

    • [Bonus] Module 9: Generic Workshop Agenda

    • [Download] Your Take-Aways: Start, Stop and Continue - Module 9

    • Share Your Learnings and Insights

    • What's Next and More Resources